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X (Adult) Elska Magazine: Singapore Issue 39

X (Adult) Elska Magazine: Singapore Issue 39

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Inside ‘Elska Singapore’ you'll meet twelve local Lion City lads. Each was photographed inside and outside, dressed and undressed, letting you get to know their city in the context of getting to know them. Each of the participants also wrote their own story, something true and honest from their lives to help you meet them at an even more intimate level. Some of the men you'll meet include:

  • Sam S, who recalls another date gone off the rails, and how he puts up with it despite the anguish because it's become normalized to him;

  • Kira C, who laments the lack of gay and queer role-models growing up who could have helped him figure out how to come of age without so much fear and confusion;

  • Kyle N, who describes a tragic event that took place during a holiday in Europe, an event that came to shape the rest of his life;

  • Sebastian G, who shares a story of falling in love with a foreigner, and how despite the sadness of not being able to be physically together, the knowledge that love connects them over the distance gives some sustenance for the heart;

  • Musha S, who reveals how hard it is to find love in the gay community, but that no matter how often he gets knocked down, he still gets up again

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