Collection: Du Blonde / Daemon TV

Created in 2020 by Beth Jeans Houghton (AKA Du Blonde), Daemon T.V is a record label, clothing brand and all round art house supplying Du Blonde’s personal work alongside a selection of curated work by makers and musicians looking to create Ltd Edition collections, be it a run of 50 cassettes, art prints, zines or anything else we come up with.

Inspired by Du Blonde’s dissatisfaction with the lop-sided nature of the record industry, where the rights to an artist’s work are often retained by large companies with little compensation, Daemon T.V was born as a platform for creators to manufacture and sell their work to audiences who love to engage with and support artists outside of the mainstream while allowing the artists involved to retain 100% of their rights. We pride ourselves on being fair to artists financially and have a policy of 100% transparency when it comes to their relationship with us. Artists are supported through the process of creating their collections, we help with manufacturing and sales, and after our costs are covered, the profits go directly to them.

The aim of Daemon T.V is two-fold. Help artists create cool shit that they can actually see a financial return for, and help fans and collectors access Ltd Edition goodies while supporting the artists they love.