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Razorcake DIY Punk ZiNE Issue #135: featuring Mørbø, Middle-Aged Queers, Hammered Hulls, The Groans, and Oginee Viamontes

Razorcake DIY Punk ZiNE Issue #135: featuring Mørbø, Middle-Aged Queers, Hammered Hulls, The Groans, and Oginee Viamontes

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Mørbø interview by Todd Taylor and Rene Navarro

Middle-Aged Queers interview by Rosie Gonce

Hammered Hulls interview by Michael T. Fournier

The Groans interview by Josie Wreck of Aural Displeasure, and Daryl

Oginee “OG” Viamontes interview by Daniel Makagon

“I just don’t want kids…. I can truly admire moms and enjoy kids but I wish it was easily understood I don’t want that for myself.” –Donna Ramone (instagram)

“How to plan your punk-adjacent book tour.... If you find the right community of people, the physical space where you hold your event doesn’t really matter.” –Jim Ruland (instagram)

“New place, new tools…. I feel like I was thrown on to this planet to feel everything.” –Lorde Destroyer 

“A little piece of the pie.... you start contemplating the great injustice of a world where we all know all the lyrics to at least one godawful Rolling Stones song, but almost no one knows The Arrivals’ ‘Simple Pleasures in America.’” –Sean Carswell (instagram)

“Vinyl: are we done yet?... Is vinyl’s much-ballyhooed authenticity just a convenient lie implemented by the current generation of snake oil salespeople?” –Rev. Nørb (instagram)

Puro Pinche Poetry y Cuentos (Edited by Ever Velasquez (instagram) and RoQue Torres (instagram)
From: “cease to exist 
But what is life if not a series of small moments where we make immediate decisions about enormous things?
Ingrid M. Calderón Somoza y Collins

The Exorcist Exor-quiz. The Exorcist is turning fifty at the end of this year, so keeping in true fashion, I’d like to take this opportunity to hopefully inform and entertain you with a quiz I’ve put together to celebrate the film’s golden jubilee.” –Designated Dale

A transphobic GOP elephant is terrified of diversity and malignantly ignorant of America’s fraught history is drawn by Art Fuentes. (instagram)

“Seeing exceptional live music in a quality record store is a little slice of heaven. It’s a place with soul and purpose.” –Rhythm Chicken (instagram)

“My baby’s all grown up…. I’ll never biologically reproduce but I do have a baby. That baby is L.A. Zine Fest.” –Bianca

And photos from the lovely and talented:

Chris Boarts Larson

Mari Tamura

Albert Licano

This issue is dedicated to the memories of Brian Qualls, Vince Simpson, Frank Kozik, Teresa “Nervosa” Taylor, and Daniel Ellsberg
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