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Mystery Meat by Marta Syrup ZINE/ COMIC

Mystery Meat by Marta Syrup ZINE/ COMIC

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  • This full-color book is a collection of comics from over the years from various projects, anthologies, etc. that had never been gathered into one publication before. With a mix of fictional and autobiographical pieces, this comic is full of silly, weird, and relatable stories with experiments across different styles. A good read over a bong and some chicken (or vegan chicken) satay.

    🍖 8.5x11” folded, 11x17” flat

    🍖 28 pages plus covers, saddle-stitched

    🍖 Pages printed on 70lb smooth text paper; covers printed on 100lb glossy cover paper

    🍖 Collection of original comics drawn by Marta Syrup

  • Artist: @martasyrup
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