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Gina and Joe Talk About Wintery Horror ZiNE

Gina and Joe Talk About Wintery Horror ZiNE

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In this issue of Gina and Joe Talk About, Joe and Gina dive into the terror of a blinding white landscape, the horror of being trapped indoors by the physical barrier of the cold. You’ll be frozen with fear while Gina shovels her way into The Shining, your blood will run cold while Joe discusses the problem of snowy vampires, chilled to the core by Gina’s analysis of Dead of Winter, and will shiver by the unearthly cold of Joe’s discussion of The Thing! Even our brave protagonists were too terrified to discuss winter’s most spine-chilling day, Christmas! Join your favorite gremlins while they dole out wintry delights and frights!

Half size, cardstock cover, full color, 32 pages @displacedsnail


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