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Dried Herbs Catmint, Catnip, & Blend 3g Baggies

Dried Herbs Catmint, Catnip, & Blend 3g Baggies

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  • Made by: @theantandthepeony
  • Looking for some straight herb for your kitties? This is the product for you! Each bag contains 3 grams of herb!

    We offer three herb options:

    - Catmint/Catnip Blend: this is the same blend we use in our Scratch n' Spliff toys! A 50/50 mix of our homegrown dried catmint and organic dried catnip, this is a balanced blend that drives cats wild!

    - Catmint: catmint is a cousin of catnip and has the same components that attract cats, but to a lesser extent. We like to think of this as the CBD version of catnip! This is perfect for cats who go a little tooooo crazy with catnip but who still like a little fun now and then! Homegrown and dried by hand!

    - Catnip: this is just the straight catnip you already know! 100% organic and loved by cats across the globe! We source high quality catnip that drives the kitties mad!
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