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Cold & Flu HERBAL TEA Blend

Cold & Flu HERBAL TEA Blend

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  • Made by: @theantandthepeony
  • Our Cold & Flu tea is blended in small batches by hand with homegrown and thoughtfully sourced herbs and spices. We designed this tea with ingredients commonly used to relieve headaches, clear sinuses, and reduce tension and stress. This tea is minty, earthy, and refreshing and perfect when you’re feeling under the weather.

    Ingredients: homegrown pineapple mint, homegrown lemon balm, organic sage, organic oatstraw, organic peppermint, organic fennel seed

    Bags contain approximately 8 2tsp servings.

***All ingredients are listed. Please consult with a doctor about potential allergies before purchasing or ingesting. South Street Art Mart accepts no responsibility for any potential allergic reaction. Please play it smart! 

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