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Cat Party #10 ZiNE

Cat Party #10 ZiNE

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From our friend @thelalatheory!!!

Greetings fellow cat partiers! It's time for a new issue!

This time around we have:

- Drawings of my dear departed cat Coco, by Keiko Ishibashi
- A gorgeous illustration and personal story of love and loss, by Alison Chapman
- An absolutely lovely reflection on life with a dear cat friend, by Raymond E. Mingst
- A selection of the badass and also very cute Crime Cat comics, by Ivan Dellinger
- A delightful list of nicknames for a cat friend, by the musician Andrew Keller
- An ode to the coolest famous cartoon cats, by Ed Kemp
- An incredible comic about the dangers of spending too much time with your cat, by Jo-Jo Sherrow
- plus, take a cat walk with me through my neighborhood, as I introduce you to some of my favorite cats in Philadelphia

This issue is 24 pp long, with a full-color photo cover. Be sure to add this issue to your Cat Party collection!

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