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Bad Apples ZiNE

Bad Apples ZiNE

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From our friend @thelalatheory!!!

Bad Apples: by Kara Khan & Matt Williams

In 2021, we hosted digital zine residents, helping them organize and create a zine picked from a stack of proposed zine projects. We’re very happy to present the finished product of that work.

Bad Apples is an audiovisual zine documenting the police brutality during the June 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in Philadelphia, and is the result of months of sorting through photographs, parsing audio recordings and the audio taken from video recordings, and creating a narrative that speaks to the brute force and cold reasoning behind the cops’ tactics during the protests. Here’s more from the artists:

"On June 1, 2020 Philadelphia police made international headlines. First, for excessively tear gassing a group of protesters on the highway, and then allowing a mob of armed men to attack, threaten, and intimidate a group of protesters outside of the Fishtown police station. As witnesses and victims to both of these historic moments in Philadelphia, we intend to transform the horrific actions of that day into a piece of art through photographs, text, audio clips, and music."

Half-size, 20 pages, flip zine, edition of 250, comes with audio to listen to while reading the zine and an addressed postcard you can use to tell the Fishtown police how well they did during the protests.



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