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X (Adult) Elska Magazine: Athens, Greece Issue 38

X (Adult) Elska Magazine: Athens, Greece Issue 38

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Inside ‘Elska Athens’ you'll meet eleven local Athenian lads. Each was photographed in their homes and in their neighbourhoods (and also amongst some of the ancient ruins that they were so proud to show us), dressed in their own style and sometimes not dressed at all. Each of the men also wrote their own story, something true and honest from their lives to help you get to know them at an even more intimate level. Some of the men you'll meet include:

  • Vasilis K, who spins a tale from his adolescence but changes the setting to ancient Greece, discussing how sometimes even those who support us the most can't always accept every aspect of our queer selves;

  • Manos M, who recalls a closeted man he met at a beach, with whom he spent an incredible evening… and what happened when they found each other again many years later;

  • Andreas G, who describes how it feels for an artist when they lose their most valuable tool — inspiration;

  • Yuri K, who shares his own experience of the rather universal queer story of needing to leave one's home town in order to flourish… and how the result is not always as satisfying as the lore;

  • Nickolas F, who reveals how he made a decision early in his youth to stop caring what others think, to stop worrying about norms, and to just live his truth to the fullest

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