Gravey Train & Batts CASSETTE TAPE Cassingle
Gravey Train & Batts CASSETTE TAPE Cassingle

Gravey Train & Batts CASSETTE TAPE Cassingle

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Physical Cassette from our friends @thisandthattapes

All orders come with a digital download of the cassette rip.

Well, this has been a dream in the making - I’m stoked to announce a new cassingle featuring a brand new song from T&TT’s own house band, the moon-themed country folk comedy duo Gravey Train, and a song written in response by BATTS, Melbourne’s finest space folk artist. This is a dreamy collaboration: Gravey Train really focused on their sweeter side, writing a dear little song about an astronauts fears as he launches off into space, and BATTS answered with a beautiful song from the perspective of the astronaut’s wife. Not a split to be missed, pick it up the split cassingle or the digital files, and to my friends in Australia, head straight to to get yours!

From the label:

When I first heard BATTS’ debut album, The Grand Tour, I reveled in its warmth - and its space effects! I wanted to live in the world Tanya had created. It was obvious I had to work with her in some capacity, and, of course, it had to be with Gravey Train, my moon-themed country folk comedy duo. We’ve had this song, Liftoffs and Landings, knocking around for a few months. It was about an astronaut’s thoughts and fears as he blasted off into space: would he be ok? How could he leave his family for so long? Was the loneliness of space worth the science he was progressing? The song was so gentle and sweet, I wanted to treat it carefully.

So I wrote to BATTS out of the blue with the song, and she surprised me by writing back - the next morning - with a brand new song she’d sat down and written in response to Liftoffs and Landings, from the perspective of the astronaut’s wife. A kindred spirit in all ways, our split cassette was born, and I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with someone so talented and kind as BATTS!

- Joe