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Physical Cassette from our friends @thisandthattapes

All orders come with a digital download of the cassette rip.

Dreamlife is a summer compilation cassette & zine from This & That Tapes to benefit Womanly Mag. But Dreamlife is also other things. It’s starting your own magazine, your own record label. It’s recording your album at a studio, or singing into a mic plugged into your laptop. It’s creating the game you want to play, making music you want to listen to. It’s a book deal, a blog, a journal you’ve kept for years. The spoken word you heard when you were fifteen, the poem you submitted to an online journal. Dreamlife is that promotion, that vacation, that creation. It’s making your own luck, it’s pushing yourself when you feel scared and defeated. It’s the motivation you needed. It’s a first step, it’s a finish line. Dreamlife is me, and it’s you, and it’s everyone who tries something new.

All profits from the sales will benefit Womanly. Womanly Magazine provides accessible health information to women and non-binary people through visual and literary art. We are constantly working to expand our reach and offer our publication in more clinics, health centers, and community centers. Womanly is currently available at select locations in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Oakland.

Check out womanlymag.com to read more about their mission.

Each purchase comes with a download of the Dreamlife zine.