Body Positivity: A Muchacha FanZiNE

Body Positivity: A Muchacha FanZiNE

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This 40-page edition aims to challenge the mainstream white/heterosexual/able-bodied/cisgender-centric

feminist movement of “body positivity.” The intention of this issue is to reclaim the term “body positivity” in

a way that is inclusive of diverse voices and encourages reflectivity on how bodies can also be cause for

pain, conflict, and/or healing. Topics include body positivity visual art, a letter to a hipster guy who would

never date a vegan, a brown body at a punk show, gentrification, song lyrics, empowering poetry, body

diversity in videos and tv shows, if barbie were real, body positivity from a queer, fat, trans*, chronically ill

perspective, self-love collages, a roller derby story, and more!